Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVII

JSN Staff Makes Super Bowl Predictions

Super Bowl LVII kicks off at approx. 6:30pm EST on Sunday and the Philadelphia Eagles will battle the Kansas City Chiefs.

Experts everywhere seem to be split between Jalen Hurts and the Eagles, and, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. The staff at Jersey Sporting News shared their predictions, and like most, the opinions are nearly split, with a slight lean toward Philadelphia.

25 members of the JSN team gave their predictions for the big game.

When it comes to Most Valuable Player, the majority of the staff at JSN agree it will be one of the two star quarterbacks playing in the Super Bowl.

The big game takes place in Arizona on Sunday. Is your favorite team playing and competing for the Lombardi Trophy? Are you just watching as a football fan? JSN wants to hear from you - let us know who you are rooting for!