Jersey Sporting News

Our name says it all. We bring you the best of all New Jersey Sports, from high school to the pros. 

Jersey Sporting News (JSN) is a family-run business founded in 1994. We began with the vision of offering a free publication supported by advertising that covered local varsity high school sports in Monmouth County. Before there was even a “High School Rally” section in the Asbury Park Press, JSN knew the value of supporting and reporting on local high school sports. 

We recently expanded our coverage of high school teams to include Ocean County. With this expansion, now over 60,000 consumers read our free newspaper each month.

JSN has continued their expansion into New Jersey sports at all levels, including youth, high school, college, and professional. We have even seen players we covered in high school go off and continue that success in college and beyond. We are honored to cover our local athletes at every level.

For over two decades, JSN has been commended by athletic directors, parents, coaches and local community leaders as a positive publication in the lives of their student-athletes. We have been the leaders in local sports coverage for 25+ years and we continue our strong commitment to the community.

Whether it is the latest team previews, photos or picks for each season, we enjoy providing New Jersey sports enthusiasts all they need to know about our teams. JSN is credentialed by 90% of sports teams in New Jersey, allowing us to bring you the very best up-to-the-minute coverage of sports in the Garden State at every level. We hope that JSN becomes a member of your family and we welcome your support.


Francesca Attardi

Owner, CEO of Jersey Sporting News.