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Serenity Now! Yankees Hit Rock Bottom after Another Series Loss to Boston

While it was Seinfeld Night at Yankee Stadium on Friday, and George Costanza bobbleheads were given out, I speak for all Yankee fans by saying we felt more like Frank Costanza by the time the game ended. 

Since early June, the Yankees have been the worst team in baseball. The starting pitching has fallen off, injuries have mounted, and this team lacks offense, guts, and passion. Quite frankly, it has been disgraceful and embarrassing to watch. 

So, in the spirit of Seinfeld, let's begin with the Airing of Grievances….I’ve got a lot of problems with how this team has played! Now, you're gonna hear about it!

Defensive Struggles

For the past few weeks, this defense has resembled that of a travel team rather than a Major League ball club. Since June 14th, when they began their series in Boston, this team has had 17….yes, SEVENTEEN errors during this nightmare. 

From bobbling routine plays to erratic throws to just flat-out being lazy, we have witnessed some of the worst fielding over a small stretch than we have ever seen. I get that players sometimes go through stretches of being in a funk, but not like this. There is no excuse for a team giving this many extra outs in less than a month.

Stop Trying to Go Deep Every Pitch

Enough of the analytics. Baseball is not all about numbers and launch angles. Anyone who has actually played baseball knows there is a heartbeat to the game, and what may work for some players may not work for others. 

Over the past couple of years, we have seen players go from being real hitters to this all-or-nothing garbage that results in more strikeouts. The perfect example for the Yankees is Gary Sanchez. 

Game 4 of the 2017 ALCS tie game with one out in the 8th and runners at the corners. Gary took a 99 MPH fastball the other way for a 2-RBI double. That is real baseball, not trying to destroy the ball on each pitch. 

We have seen Volpe, Verdugo, and Rizzo fall victim to the analytics approach, destroying their game. Some of the best moments in baseball history would have never happened if managers back then were puppets like they are today. 

Show Some Fight

This team's lack of fire and intensity has easily played a massive role in its freefall. Earning a living off playing a kids' game is a blessing, and that sometimes is lost among players. Looking back on the dynasty years, each member of those teams made sure they left everything on the field. They had their teammates’ backs no matter the situation, and they did not defend their opponents; they attacked them!

This team has been playing scared and hasn't shown one inch of heart lately. Whether it be Gleyber dogging it to first, Grisham half asleep, allowing a routine single to turn into a double, or staring at three pitches down Broadway in a prominent spot. Even Anthony Volpe dogged it home, robbing the Yankees of an early run. 

Not on the Manager

Anyone who thinks this all falls on Aaron Boone has not paid much attention this season or, at the very least, during this nosedive. Pick any manager from Yankee history: Casey Stengel, Billy Martin, Joe Torre, and even they could not function any better with the way this group has played. 

Sure, Boone has made some calls during his tenure that we disagree with, and he may lean on analytics way too much, but other than Judge and Soto, this offense has become nonexistent. The pitching, both the rotation and the bullpen, are now being lit up like a night sky on the 4th of July. 

Did Boone trade for JD Davis? No. Should Davis be the cleanup hitter for this team? Absolutely not. The front office acquired him, a low-average “power hitter,” and to no one’s surprise (except the front office staff, who continues to listen to nothing but numbers from people who do not know the game), he has not helped one bit. 

Solutions From the Farm System

While the farm system is less promising than last year, some players still can make an impact this season in the Bronx. One solution may be cutting ties with Jose Trevino. 

The first option would be to bring up TJ Rumfield, who is currently having an excellent season for the RailRiders. However, he is locked in at first base, and Ben Rice is currently patrolling that position. The way to get Rumfield to the Bronx would be to cut ties with Trevino and have  Austin Wells and Ben Rice platooning behind the plate. 

The pitching down on the farm still has some names we heard of last year and earlier this year. Yoendrys Gómez has shown he belongs in the show as a middle reliever who can eat innings when called upon. 

Will Warren had a solid start for the RailRiders Saturday afternoon and has been someone the Yankees have kept their eye on the past couple of years. Clayton Beeter was another name that Yankee fans may know after the Joey Gallo trade. After striking Gallo out in May, Beeter landed on the IL and has not pitched since. 

Ben Rice Needs to Play Every Day

Covering Rice from his days with Somerset last year, it was no secret that the kid was a pure-blood baseball player. From raking home runs to throwing runners out from behind the plate to even playing first base, Rice has been the jolt the offense has lacked. 

The three home runs he hit Saturday against Boston fired the fans and the team up because we all know how great of a kid he is and the life he gives us. Since being called up, he has never looked outmatched at the plate, and while the Yankees want him at first, he has a hell of an arm behind the dish.

Time to be the Yankees Again

Even with Saturday's win, the Yankees must have a great week and head into the All-Star Break feeling like they have their mojo back. Baseball is a long season, and teams will go through slumps and streaks, but this slump is alarming, and it should be! The time is now, and the goal remains the same: a 28th World Championship for the New York Yankees.

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