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Upcoming MLB Draft Holds Promise for Four Talented NJ High School Players

The 2024 MLB Draft is just around the corner, with less than two weeks to go. Starting on Sunday, July 14th, countless College and High School ball players will be on edge, eagerly awaiting to hear their names announced. This past season, we witnessed a surplus of talent in the Garden State, resulting in four players getting the opportunity to bypass college and enter directly into a Major League Farm System.

Here are the top four New Jersey high school players who made it into the Top 100 of the Perfect Game 2024 Draft Board just before the MLB Draft kicks off:

RHP Chris Levonas, Christian Brother Academy

  • PG Rank: 40 
  • Committed to Wake Forest
  • NJ Rank: Overall: 2 / RHP: 1
  • National Rank: Overall: 41 / RHP: 9
  • 2024 Stats: 4-0 / 31.2 IP  / 0.44 ERA / 68 K / 10 BB / 2 ER
  • Career Stats: 79.1 IP / 1.06 ERA / 149 K / 27 BB / 12 ER


Many draft experts have been discussing Levonas as draft day approaches. The top-ranked RHP in New Jersey stands at 6’1” and has an electric Fastball that has topped out around 97 MPH, along with three other pitches. He is currently ranked 90th overall on the MLB draft board and has the potential of being selected in the first round. 

SS Luke Dickerson, Morris Knolls

  • PG Rank: 42
  • Committed to Virginia
  • NJ Rank: Overall: 6 / SS: 1
  • National Rank: Overall: 133 / SS: 33
  • 2024 Stats: .467 AVG / 18 HR / 46 RBI / 24 BB / 27 SB
  • Career Stats: .441 AVG / 34 HR / 105 RBI / 79 BB / 58 SB


Dickerson skyrocketed up the MLB Draft board for many teams after his historic season for the Golden Eagles. Dickerson tied Mike Trout’s record with 18 home runs and has impressed thus far in front of scouting directors. While he is committed to Virginia, don’t be surprised to see him taken in the 2nd or 3rd round and going straight to a Farm System. 

RHP Bryce Meccage, The Pennington

  • PG Rank: 65 
  • Committed to Virginia
  • NJ Rank - Overall: 4 / RHP: 2
  • National Rank - Overall: 105 / RHP: 27
  • 2024 Stats: 4-1 / 22 IP / 0.64 ERA / 47 K / 9 BB / 2 ER
  • Career Stats: 79.2 IP / 1.05 ERA / 158 K / 42 BB / 12 ER


Meccage is right behind Levonas on Perfect Game, ranked the 2nd best RHP in the state. has him as the 1st overall prospect heading into the draft. Standing at a towering 6’4”, Meccage has a mid-90s fastball to go along with a mid-80s slider, a curve, and a changeup. Control has been his kryptonite, but that can be worked out over time. A team could pull him away from his UVA commitment if he is taken high enough in the MLB Draft. 

LHP William Kirk, Ramsey High School

  • PG Rank: 167 
  • Committed to Virginia
  • NJ Rank - Overall: 5 / LHP: 1
  • National Rank - Overall: 118 / LHP: 18
  • 2024 Stats: 4-0 / 32 IP / 0.22 ERA / 62 K / 9 BB / 1 ER
  • Career Stats: 155.2 IP / 0.72 ERA / 263 K / 28 BB / 16 ER


The Garden State’s top LHP is also currently committed to UVA (an Incredible recruiting class for the Cavaliers), but make no mistake, teams will come calling to pry him away. The 6’2” southpaw may not throw as hard as Levonas or Kirk, but the movement of his fastball is what makes him unique. All lefties love throwing a two-seamer; it adds even more run to their fastball and can be a valuable pitch. With a curve and changeup, Kirk has shown he has command of each of the pitches in his arsenal, making him a sleeper pick this year.

Draft Prediction:

The main question on everyone's mind will be if any of the four choose to forego college and head right to the pros. Things could change during the draft, but it looks like they will all be selected high enough to make the decision difficult. 

These four players have been making quite a name for themselves on the baseball field. With their impressive skills and dedication to the game, it's no surprise they are on the radar for the upcoming MLB Draft. Their talent and hard work have caught the attention of scouts, and there's a good chance that all four of them will hear their names called on draft day. Watch for these rising stars as they continue to make their mark in baseball.


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