Breanna Stewart, WNBA
Breanna Stewart (Photo by Riley Lorenz - JSN)

Breanna Stewart Becomes First New York Liberty Player to Win MVP

Historically, the New York Liberty has been a successful franchise and has had legendary players doing amazing things. However, none of those legendary players have won the Most Valuable Player award. New York Liberty superstar forward Breanna Stewart makes Liberty history and just adds to her already historic career. Stewart has been a heaven-sent to this Liberty team and has really helped fill voids that were concerns the prior season. Although Stewart was rewarded the reward, the biggest takeaway from the MVP controversy is the fact the entire WNBA is changing as a whole.

“The fact there are multiple people in the conversation, obviously AT [Alyssa Thomas] and A’ja [Wilson] had amazing seasons, just shows that we’re reaching new heights and we’re doing things that have never been done before and we’re continuing to show that greatness shines in many different ways,” Stewart told reporters.

“The fact that this race was unbelievably tight is kinda crazy, but I’m happy to be standing up here today,” she continues.

Breanna Stewart “Stew York” Delivers Again!

While the day was filled with joy by Stewart’s teammates, close friends, and ultimately Lberty fans, there was still a goal in mind. The Liberty fell in game one to the Connecticut Suns, 78-63, therefore making game two nearly a must-win. Stewart didn’t shoot as efficiently as she normally does, yet she performed in ways that were effective and helped her team win the game, 84-77. In fact, she recorded a double-double with 11 points and rebounds.

Now, the Liberty led by Stewart are forced to go on the road and win a game to force a game five back at home in the Barclays. These two juggernauts face off on Friday night, September 29, and is highly anticipated. 

“It’s been an unbelievable season as a whole for the WNBA and to see what all of the top players have done is only going to make this league shine brighter and be better,” Stewart continues.

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