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New York Jets 2022 Offense: How Does It Stack Up?

Safe to say, the New York Jets offense has reloaded this offseason.

Before an in-depth look at the offense, here are some of the free agents and draft picks the Jets acquired this offseason:

  • TE CJ Uzomah (three years, $24M)
  • OL Lake Tomlinson (three years, $40M)
  • OL Duane Brown (two years, $20M)
  • TE Tyler Conkin (three years $20.5M)

From the NFL Draft:

  • Running back Breece Hall (Round 2 Pick 36)
  • WR Garrett Wilson (Round 1 Pick 10)
  • TE Jeremy Ruckert (Round 3 Pick 101)
  • OT Max Mitchell (Round 4 Pick 111)

With Zack Wilson returning for his sophomore season, there are some large expectations for this offense to improve. The defense will be there but will the offense here's an in-depth look at the offensive side of the Jets:

Quarterback: QB Zach Wilson, QB Mike White, QB Joe Flacco 

With Zach Wilson potentially missing the beginning of the regular season with a knee injury, the only two QBs on the depth chart are Mike White and Joe Flacco. More than likely, Flacco will be the starter in the event Wilson can't go. Coach Salah will go week by week to see if Wilson's knee is healthy enough to play but without Wilson, the offense might remain stagnant. We shall see.

Running Back: RB Michael Carter, RB Breece Hall, RB Ty Johnson 

For the first time in what it seems like forever, the Jets have a two-headed monster at RB in Michael Carter and Breece Hall. Breece Hall is my favorite for NFL Rookie of the Year and will give the Jets a much-needed boost at the running back position. Both RBs will surprise a lot of people and will be a force for years to come.

Wide Receiver: WR Corey Davis, WR Braxton Berrios, WR Denziel Mims, WR Elijah Moore, WR Garrett Wilson 

For the first time in what seems like a decade, the Jets have a young core at WR. Davis is clearly the best wide receiver on the depth chart but missed half the season due to an injury. Will he stay healthy? Their second option is Berrios who was the best wide receiver in the second half last season. With a full season. will Berrios be involved more in the offense?

The Jets did draft WR Garrett Wilson, in this year's draft. He will be a big part of the offense. As for Denziel Mims, well he wants out and there is a chance that he will be traded before the Jets opener.

This is the Jets' best-receiving core in a decade, which should be a big help to Wilson in Year 2.

Tight End: TE CJ Uzomah, TE Tyler Conklin, TE Jeremy Ruckert 

Production from the Jets' tight end position has been nonexistent. This offseason has changed that.

The Jets signed former Bengals CJ Uzomah to a deal and also TE Tyler Conklin to a deal. Wilson needs a security blanket and these two will deliver.

The Offensive Line

The Jets revamped their offensive line by signing two major pieces: OL Lake Tomlinson and Duane Brown. Brown is a last-minute addition with the season-ending injury to Mekhi Becton who may or may not play again. To put it simply, Zack Wilson was sacked 44 times last season. Hopefully, that number goes down.

The Jets' offense will be there at the very end, but this is a piece, and we all know that the game is played on the field.

Buckle up.