Lacey Township Girl's Volleyball
Lacey Township volleyball players celebrate a point. (Photo by Sam Diaz - JSN)

Lacey Township dominates against Brick Township

On Friday, Lacey Township's girls' volleyball dominated Brick Township where Lacey's toughest came out on top, winning the match 2-1 (19-25, 25-15, 25-23).

With this win, the Lions can mark it as their first one of the season. This a step up compared to Lacey's 2-1 loss against Brick Township from last season. This time around, the Lacey girls are able to flip the switch in their favor and providing a win for them to grab.

This season, the Lion girls came back with more improvement. They also return as a more evolved and even a better, a more bonded team as a whole. This team has shown a strong perseverance and accountability together. Whether the team is winning or losing, their sportsmanship and togetherness truly have a chance to shine every time they step onto a court.

Brick Township Girls Volleyball

Brick Township's Marissa Witter serves. (Photo by Sam Diaz - JSN)

Lacey was led by senior Emily Hauptvogel with 34 kills. Sophomore Shayla Haemmerle led the team with 41 digs and both senior Nicolina Saccomanno and junior Alexandra Coon tied by leading the team with 18 assists.

As both teams walked up onto the court, the excitement is easily seen throughout the room. Just before the match begins, a small chunk of competitive tension fills the air and furthers the amount of excitement that everyone already has. The first set started off a bit slow for Lacey as Brick started to take the lead. Unfortunately for Lacey, their confidence wasn't enough as Brick took the win for the first set.

Whereas during the next two, the power of both teams battles it out to see who makes it out first. Lacey had stayed strong during the entire game but the pressure from Brick had slowly begun to creep up from behind, always lingering. The next set had a very back-and-forth feeling, however both teams were able to showcase each of their strongest players. They kept everyone on the edges of their seats. Brick had their moment for a bit and secured the lead, before Lacey took the rug out from under them and finished the set out with a 10-point lead.

The last set was the closest of the match. At this point, the two teams were tied with one set to their name each, so the win was up for grabs. However, Lacey showcased their true power and their style as a team by taking the win, just shy of a three-point lead. Despite coming off of an unlikely start, the girls have exerted the most powerful version of themselves so far this season. They are able to show off their true potential to come out on top.

This is truly an exciting win for the Lacey girls and will hopefully offer up some confidence for them to continue onto a winning streak. With plenty of seniors on their roster, these girls deserve to have their season go out with a bang, or at least on a high note.

What's Next For Lacey Township

Catch the Lacey girls at home against Jackson Liberty and the Brick Township girls at home as well against Toms River East, both on Monday (9/18).