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Big night in Devils' win as Hughes Brothers make History

On Tuesday, December 5th, all three of the Hughes Brothers Jack, Quinn and Luke all played in the same NHL game. This is the ninth time in NHL history that three brothers will play in the very same game together. All three of the Hughes were drafted in the first round. Tuesday's game took place in Vancouver, Canada.

This game was fired up throughout all three periods. Some fans have been questioning the Devils' defensive lines, will they make it work tonight? Multiple fans pondered, but  they are satisfied with this end result. After a loss to the San Jose Sharks, it was nice to see the Devils come back and beat the second best team in the Pacific Division.

Vitek Vanecek was the Devils starting goalie and he had a great night. For a little period one game recap, Jesper Bratt started off strong minutes within the first period, giving the Devils a 1-0 lead against Vancouver. Captain Nico Hischier and Jonas Siegenthaler asssited on Jesper Bratt’s wrist shot. Fans are very pleased with Bratt’s play these last few games, as they call him Brattman. Canucks begin to tie the first period up when forward JT Miller, makes a wrist shot on a power play. Erik Haula, who made his return to the ice that night, scored on the Canucks goalie with an assist from Jack Hughes.

Guess who the third goal of the night was, that’s right, Jack Hughes! Lastly, for the final Devils goal of the first period, forward Michael McLeod had a nice goal topping the game 4-1. The first period commenced at 4-2 Devils. This was an amazing first period, the Devils came prepared, they were fast, and in contact.

As the second period begins, the Devils receive a power play later on. They unfortunately did not score at all, giving the Canucks a penalty kill. The second period was fought well, but definitely did drag on the scoring side. Before the end of the second period, Luke Hughes scored a goal with an assist from his brother, Jack, who netted three points that night. Now, that’s incredible on a night like this.

The third period got super intense. The Devils were up 5-2 at the end of the second period. and then the Canucks started to catch right back up. They came back firing at the Devils. The Devils had one more score of the night which was Jesper Bratt’s second goal of that night. Canucks brother, Quinn Hughes, had multiple assists on Vancouver’s goals. Vancouver came back tying the game at 5-5, but with Bratt’s last minute goal, the Devils were able to win the game in regulation.

It was a surreal experience for all the Hughes Brothers to be playing their very first NHL game all together.

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