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Kevin Durant Puts Pressure On Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai

The Brooklyn Nets have been the big headline story this whole NBA off-season with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both wanting out. It has been crazy with all the rumors going on with this team and what the future holds. Irving opted into his contract with the Brooklyn Nets with Lakers being the only interested team. So, he is expected to stay with the Brooklyn Nets for now this season and be committed to them regardless of if Durant is here or not. Irving has been doing everything behind the scenes with the Nets.

When it comes to the Kevin Durant situation, he caught everyone by surprise requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Durant had a list of teams he wanted to go to like the Suns and Heat. Over the next couple of weeks since his trade request, they haven't able to find the right trade partner as the Nets talked to nearly 30 teams about Durant. More teams started to be interested like the Boston Celtics who was willing to give up Jaylen Brown, but the Nets want Marcus Smart also in the trade.

Since there was recent traction on a trade, Durant decided to meet with Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai last week to discuss the trade request, state of the team and the future. After the meeting, everyone was waiting for more news to drop. Yesterday, Shams Charania who is an NBA insider, writer, analyst for the Athletic said that Kevin Durant told Joe Tsai either you trade me or fire head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks. Things got interesting now between Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

Tsai fired back on Twitter saying that he has the staff's back one hundred percent and will make the best decision for the Brooklyn Nets future. So now the pressure is on Tsai, but they don't need to rush the trade because he is under contract for four years. But the biggest question will be if the Nets are willing to listen to Kevin Durant's request by getting rid of Nash and Marks. If they want to win a championship, then they will listen to Durant.

Shams Charania also said Kevin Durant is basically done with the Brooklyn Nets and not present. According to Nets and NBA reporter Kristian Winfield, he said don't rule out Kevin Durant holding out of training camp if a trade can't be reached by then. The Brooklyn Nets are in a tough position right now when it comes to the fans and making them happy about going to games. This story just keeps getting crazier by the minute and it looks like it might not end anytime soon unless a team gives a great trade package, or the Nets get rid of Nash and Marks.

Here are the latest headlines when it comes to the teams interested in Kevin Durant. Pelicans, Celtics, Heat, Suns and other possible teams could be in play. The next several weeks for sure will be interesting to see what happens with Kevin Durant and owner Joe Tsai.

Will The Brooklyn Nets Listen to Kevin Durant or Eventually Trade Him

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