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Nets, Kyrie News Changing Day By Day

The NBA off-season every year has a full of surprises with rumors flying around about each player as free agents or trade situations. Brooklyn Nets has been the hot topic so far with both stars wanting out with Kyrie Irving linked to the Los Angeles Lakers as a possible destination.

Yesterday, Jersey Sporting News found out on Twitter that apparently Irving never requested a trade and wants to stay in Brooklyn with or without Kevin Durant. This is getting crazier by the day, as people don't know what to believe and it could take a long time to find out where Irving and Durant will play.

One thing for sure is that Irving likes to make things interesting. He opted into his contract which means Kyrie has every intention playing with the Nets this season. It's going to be interesting to see if Brooklyn wants to keep him on team with all the drama that happened last season.

Talent wise, Irving is one of the top 15 players in the league, but he has only played in 116 games for the Nets in his three-year tenure including the playoffs. The 2020-21 season is the only season in which he played more than 50 regular season games for the Nets. Also, another big component to this situation is that the Brooklyn Nets could be blamed and look like bad guys if they do trade Irving.

If these reports are true about Irving wanting to stay with Nets now, big question now is what Durant will do with his trade request. Does Irving now try to convince him to stay or does Brooklyn full fill his trade request and getting a great offer from another team that fits. General manager Sean Marks, head coach Steve Nash, owner Joe Tsai has some thinking to do here. Brooklyn Nets fans are getting fed up with this, as they want to hear some good news and hopefully it's with them seeing both stars in the Barclays Center.

Durant joined Irving in Brooklyn to win a championship. Does he want to waste that opportunity and look for a fresh start or say let's run it back with this team to see where it takes them. Most teams are in a holding pattern waiting to see if the Brooklyn Nets makes the move but right now, they are not getting the right offers as we speak. They want an All-Star player, young star and draft picks for a potential Durant/Irving trade.

As this news continues to drag out the Brooklyn Nets as an organization has to think about now and the future of the team in terms of building a winning culture again. The Nets' offseason has been full of intrigue so far and should continue to do so

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