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Giants Training Camp Updates - 8.9.22

To the untrained eye, the New York Giants training camp on Monday, August 8, 2022 looked like the latest installment of some new Bravo TV reality show given all the drama that transpired at camp and on social media. Tuesday was an important day after a heated practice on Monday to see where the tensions lied with the Giants. Much to people's surprise, Tuesday’s practice was very low key and uneventful compared to Monday’s practice.

So, let’s talk about reality because Brian Daboll gave us all a reality check Tuesday morning when he was asked about Tyrod Taylor subbing in for Daniel Jones the day before, for one snap. Yes, that snap. The one snap heard around the world that sent social media and Giants fans into a complete tizzy. Well thankfully you can all breathe a sigh of relief because JSN is happy to report the real reason Taylor was subbed in.

Daboll wanted to talk to Jones about something and did not want stop practice to do so. He also said that throwing Taylor in unexpectedly is a coaching best practice he has learned over the years to “simulate what it would be like in a real game.” That’s it. That’s the reason.

Daboll also spoke to the fight that took place Monday and told reporters, “while I enjoy the competition, we don’t condone losing composure like that. That’s not something we are looking to do here.” And just like that, Daboll shut down the drama and moved on to today’s practice.

It is worth noting that Tuesday's practice was a "Friday practice" due to the pre-season game on Thursday. Players did not wear pads and the offense was working off cards today which is of significance because that means all the decision making was taken away. This is just something to keep in mind if you are following the play-by-play of the Daniel Jones saga.

Tuesdays Key Giants Takeaways

  • McKinney looked zoned in and has really shined in camp. He is turning into a stud safety and also celebrated his birthday Tuesday!
  • The crowd absolutely loves Adoree Jackson and Julian Love
  • The secondary is getting better and better every week. You can tell they feed off Wink Martindale’s aggressive style of defense
  • Jones and Golladay just couldn’t seem to connect much Tuesday. Golladay still has his separation issues but that it just the type of player he is. Jones and Golladay have got to work on their chemistry because it’s not consistent enough right now and it’s tough to feel confident in this duo going forward
  • Barkley is running with power and his burst is back. Barkley will still run lateral but now he is cutting and able to run up the middle with some real power behind him and with an offensive line that is creating space for him
  • Big Play Slay continues to show up
  • Evan Neal said his focus is to continue to improve and play ball. He is excited to be here, and he feels much better getting to wear his #73 now! Which by the way didn’t cost him anything
  • Darnay Holmes said he has embraced Wink Martindale’s nickname for him “Dirty 30” saying the nickname is accurate and he is excited about playing in a system that allows for so many blitz opportunities
  • Offensive Line coach Bobby Johnson took responsibility for his role in Monday's fight saying, “It can’t happen and won’t happen again”
  • Bryan Cox said he and Thibodeaux have a great relationship and drove home the message that this is “one room once voice” in reference to stepping up in the absence of line coach Andre Patterson who is dealing with some medical issues
  • The biggest takeaway from Tuesday? The Giants practice playlist is absolute fire!

Although Tuesday’s practice was a light one, you can tell this team is focused and every single player is ready to compete when it’s their turn to step on the field. Every week we are seeing small improvements and more progress in a positive direction which at this stage in the game, is exactly what you want to see. So, take a deep breath Giants fans because things are looking up!