Yankees dining, Yankee Stadium
(Photo by Vinnie Lucia - JSN)

New Yankee Stadium Dining Options Connect Fans to the City

An invitation to Yankee Stadium? Why, who would think twice about accepting that? Its Yankee Stadium, the home of the 27-time champions.

This media invitation wasnt for a game, but for the 2023 tasting event at Yankee Stadium.  

On March 22, around 11:00 am ET, our crew from Jersey Sporting News, including myself, arrived at the Audi Club in Yankee Stadium.  Fellow media members were waiting for the event to start and I met with Jake Peregrin and Vinny Lucia, the cameraman and photographer of the day; Jersey Sporting News was in the house. 

The event opens up, the chefs are there, and servers walk around giving food samples.

I take the first hamburger I see, the Burnt Ends Sandwich. This new sandwich is described as caramelized ends of the brisket simmered in our house-made BBQ sauce.” 

This burger is delicious; I devoured it. 

I kept walking around, and I spotted Christian Petroni. Petroni is a Bronx-born, Food Network participant who is making his debut at Yankee Stadium with his Cheesy Garlic Bread.” The famous chef was so pleasant and approachable that we struck up conversation.

I cant believe I am standing here right now. Its a full circle moment for me,” expressed Petroni. “To highlight something I am serious and care about, and that highlights the culture that is New York City cuisine…. I am very grateful.” 

We all have eaten garlic bread at some point, but have you eaten garlic bread in Yankee Stadium? I was curious if Christian had a unique way of eating the bread, and his answer could not have been any more charismatic.  

The right way to eat it is to forget all your troubles, forget all your worries, put your phone on airplane mode, dont take any phone calls, sit down at the stadium, watch a baseball game, and enjoy some garlic bread and just tune out from the rest of the world, thats the best way to enjoy this garlic bread.”

If you are curious about trying this cheesy garlic bread, youll be able to find it in Sections 125 and 310, as well as some of the suites. So there you go. Let me know if you try it and what you think.

Additionally, Petroni told me that if he isnt traveling and there is a Yankees game going on, he plans to be in Section 125 doing what he enjoys the most, cooking, in this case, cutting garlic bread and making some friends. He emphasized that being in Yankee Stadium doing what he loves is something he cant believe is happening. 

Another new and anticipated food item is the 99 burger,” named after New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge. After Judges fantastic year and new record setting contract, I see the burger as a way to connect the fans and the player. 

The "99 burger" will be limited each game, available on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to try this burger, you better make it to Section 223 as soon as you arrive inside the stadium.  When I asked, a price was not given, but they said it would be affordable. 

Yankee Stadium. wine

(Photo by Vinnie Lucia - JSN)

City Winery is bringing an innovative way to drink wine to the stadium with wine in cans. And, for wine lovers, they created a burger called City Winery Burger,” described as “custom-blended beef, red wine caramelized onions, garlic herb cheese spread, baby arugula, toasted brioche bun.” The chef told me the right way to eat it was by taking one sip of wine and biting one piece of the hamburger.  

These food items caught the attention of all in attendance and are sure to please the thousands of fans inside Yankee Stadium once the 2023 season begins. To find the entire dining menu for the 2023 season at Yankee Stadium, visit www.yankees.com/eats 

Lastly, all the food tasted at the event will be available for purchase by all ticket-holders.