Rutgers softball dominates Holy Cross for 20th win of season

Today, I covered my first Rutgers softball game at the RAC Complex as a writer for Jersey Sporting News. It was an amazing experience, with perfect weather and a great turnout. Rutgers University has a fantastic facility for all sports, and the softball field is a tremendous atmosphere.

Rutgers dominated as they defeated Holy Cross, 8-0, for their 20th win of the season. This team is talented, well-rounded, and plays together, as the coaching staff had them locked in from the start. The Rutgers lineup is deep, and the pitching staff is one of the best as the team's dugout is loose and cheering for teammates.

Ashley Hitchcock, who was Saturday's starter for Rutgers, had a complete-game shutout, striking out three and walking just one. It's inspiring to see softball pitchers go at it back-to-back days and to keep that mindset. Rutgers has a one-two punch in the starting rotation with Ashley and Jaden Vickers. Jaden is a name to watch as she pitched a no-hitter this year. It was an honor watching Ashley pitch today, attacking Holy Cross hitters from the start. She fell behind a few bitters but was able to bounce back in the count. The impact Ashley has for Rutgers is electric and excited for her future.

Rutgers' offense was locked in from the start as the lineup can beat you in many ways and showed what they are capable of. Gabrielle Callaway led the way as she went 1-for-3 with a two-run home run. Kayleigh Sand is another name to watch out for Rutgers this season and in the future. Kayleigh's skills as a sophomore are unbelievable to watch, as many are looking forward to watching her grow as a defensive shortstop and offensive machine. Rutgers offense does the little things, plays smart, moves the runners well, and works the counts. Gabrielle Callaway ended the game with a walk-off two-run homer in win.

Now to the Rutgers defense that played outstanding today. They were crisp with the ball, no errors, and put together a clean double play that started with Payton Lincavage to Taylor Lane to Maddie Lawson, a name on the rise. Gabrielle Callaway with three putouts, while Kayleigh Sand had four putouts. All-around great defense from Rutgers women's softball that helped them win 8-0 against Holy Cross. A great defense is an essential component in winning a championship, and this team has that.

After covering this game, Rutgers is complete, dangerous, exciting and ready to play each game. I am looking forward to covering this team more this season and in the future. There's something special about this group, and I would not want to face them if I were an opposing team. These amazing, talented, inspiring, hardworking women have bright futures with Rutgers softball.