Rutgers Football - Greg Schiano
Greg Schiano (JSN file photo by Shaquan Woody)

Rutgers puts on a show during annual Scarlet-White Game

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights had their annual Scarlet-White game Saturday evening, which did not disappoint. The fans were electric from start to finish, and they had the opportunity to see a preview of what the 2024 Scarlet Knights will offer. Before the game, the Scarlet Knights created a carnival-like atmosphere for fans and supporters by surrounding the stadium with kid-friendly activities and food vendors for locals. The culture of Rutgers has changed dramatically over the past few seasons, beginning with the head coach, Greg Schiano. The impact this team has on the community is quite remarkable; in fact, it's refreshing to see the players and the fans' buy-in.

“I really appreciate our fans coming out today, it was good turn out,” Schiano opens up after the game. “They seem to enjoy all the stuff down in the endzone so shoutout to the crew for putting that together. It gave an energy like the boardwalk inside the stadium, it was awesome.”

Last season, the Scarlet Knights struggled to find offense against Big Ten opponents. The Scarlet Knights looked impressive on the ground and through the air during the game. Junior quarterback Gavin Wimsatt looked efficient and proved effective through the air. In the past, it’s been rare to see Wimsatt throw down the field consistently. That said, the ball came out of his hand stronger than ever and, most importantly, with confidence. He might shock many doubters this year by taking the next leap some predicted previously.

“I thought all four of them [Quarterbacks] did some good things,” Schianno states. “ I saw a couple of close calls and I saw us hit a few deep balls. The Spring game is not always a great indicator of all that’s transpired. We have 14 really competitive practices, then the Spring game is more for the fans and young players. .. This was a good opportunity for a lot of guys to get quality reps.” 

Although Wimsatt was impressive, the depth of the backfield was the most exciting discovery. Despite being deep with running backs, the Scarlet Knights appear to have found an exciting freshman who looks to contribute, as Rutgers fans and coaches left the game excited.

“ I think you may be getting ahead of yourself there,” Schiano continues. “That 1-2 punch will consist of Kyle, Sam, and Benji. Those three guys have put some mileage in here and done some really good things. … It was great to see those young backs run as you said. Edd’s [Gurreir] going to be a real fine back, but these are young kids and they're learning their way.”

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights’ Strengths

Some wondered if the Scarlet Knights would improve or move in the right direction. Instead, they scored the most points ever in program history in their spring game. Another standout was the sophomore kicker Jai Patel, one of the most impressive kickers in college football last season. Throughout the game, Patel made every field goal he attempted except for a 45-yarder. That said, he is a real weapon and another source of points for the Scarlet Knights.

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