(Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Riveters Twitter Account)

Metropolitan Riveters Debuting Brand New Black Rosie Jersey

The Metropolitan Riveters will play the Toronto Six February 26 and 27 at 2pm. During the weekend series, the Riveters will be debuting their Black Rosie the Riveter jerseys. The jersey was designed by Jordan Dabney, the graphic designer for Black Girls Hockey Club. Black women in hockey have been incredibly overlooked even though they have been key in paving the way in a predominantly white sport. Black Girls Hockey Club and the Metropolitan Riveters are looking to change the view by honoring Black women with the new jersey.

The jersey honors unsung American heroines in professional women’s hockey like Saroya Tinker, Cherie Stewart, Kelsey Koelzer who is the first Black woman to be head coach for an NCAA ice hockey team, Chelsea Ziade, and women who are actively working to make hockey more accessible to Black Americans. 

Black Girls Hockey Club is a nonprofit that actively advocates for Black women in the ice hockey world. It was started in 2018 by R. Renee Hess to work towards creating a community of education, community, and representation for Black women. Since the start they have done several community events, including panels on diversity and leadership in hockey and Juneteenth conversations. They also hold mentorship programs  to help get Black women into all areas of the hockey world. 

During Black History Month, the Black Hockey History Tour has been making stops across the country. The van travels showing the Black history of hockey. In the van, they specifically highlight Women In The Game which shows a Metropolitan Riveters jersey and highlights women who have paved the way including former Riveters players. 

Pre-Ordering of Riveters Black Rosie Collection

In the past few months, Black Girls Hockey Club has worked more with the Riveters hosting meetups at the games to connect and learn about their mission. The Black Rosie collection can be preordered on the Riveters site and keep your eyes out for an auction of game worn Black Rosie jerseys where the proceeds will be donated to the incredible work of Black Girls Hockey Club.