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Red Bulls lose in controversial fashion at Montreal

The New York Red Bulls came to Montreal for a chance to end their winless streak but instead found themselves in calamity and hijinks from Referee Allen Chapman, and VAR (Video Assistant Referee) as the Red Bulls fell to CF Montreal by a final of two goals to one.

With the match tied at one apiece, the moment came inside second-half stoppage time when Red Bulls Central Defender Amro Tarek slid on the ground to block a pass, but a few seconds later that pass did come and it hit Tarek on his left arm/hand inside the Red Bulls area and Alan Chapman pointed to the spot.

Tarek never moved his hand towards the ball when it was struck, he kept it still and in a position where he was keeping his upper body upright. Nonetheless, Chapman blew his whistle and pointed to the spot for Montreal to win the game. Then more hilarity ensued as Carlos Coronel made save after save in two consecutive attempts due to VAR calling Chapman to review.

Coronel was off the goal line as he made the saves, but on the second save the Montreal PK taker had a long stutter step that forced Coronel off his line, which shouldn't have penalized him to retake it again for the third time. But it happened, and Coronel faced a third against Victor Wanyama. While Coronel guessed correctly and got the ball with his gloves, the shot was hit so hard, that it deflected off of his hands and inside the far post for the match-winner.

This loss was very hard to take and very frustrating to watch as the officials continued to make a mockery of what the laws of the game are as well as the continued use of VAR to give CF Montreal three chances to win the match, even though sadly, it was the correct thing to do.

"Yeah, what can I say right now. I think that the referee has not had a brilliant day and I think Carlos makes a great shot two times, and also the third one was very close that he can save him. I think, yeah, this makes the situation -- this was the point in the end about this game," said Gerhart Struber. "But I think it's not -- in the end the referee make not the great job but in the end I think we have to find more control in this game, and we lose too much the control. We have not always the momentum in our hands.

"It switched in the first half and second half and it was very difficult today and we realize the team from Montréal are very good especially on the ground to play very quick with some very good key players, yeah, but I think we control many times the game, but in the second half, we lose the momentum too much. We find not always good distances together, and I think this was more the big reason that we cannot bring points home."

Andrew Gutman had his own thoughts about the ending of the match as well.

"Yeah, it’s just a crazy situation, honestly. I mean you ask a goalkeeper to make one save, you don’t ask him to make three penalty kick saves, that’s unrealistic. For him to do what he did is honestly incredible, I’ve never seen something like that. He’s a great goalkeeper and a great guy and he didn’t deserve that at all, and you know that’s just what happened. "

The Red Bulls earned a lead inside first-half stoppage time as they got a penalty kick and converted it. Andrew Gutman was attacking the Montreal Area as he originally got fouled, but stayed on his feet, when he entered the area, he was tackled down and then the referee pointed to the spot. Patryk Klimala converted the chance.

While the Red Bulls were playing bend, but don't break in the second half, they were making some solid stops and Coronel was making solid saves, but in the 71st minute is when they got stretched out and Sunusi Ibrahim with a leaping header beats Coronel for the equalizer.

Big Matches Coming Up For Red Bulls

Regardless of how the Red Bulls lost this match, this result against them continues the winless streak that they are on, and this level of hilarity truly stings. No matter what happens, this Red Bulls side needs to get back home and get ready for two big names this coming week against the defending MLS Cup Champion Columbus Crew in Mid-Week action, then the Hudson River Derby next Saturday.


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