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New York Jets: 2022 NFL Season Predictions

The NFL season is about 50 days away with the Buffalo Bills and the Super Bowl Champs Los Angeles Rams face off in the season opener. The New York Jets will have a lot of expectations this season with Zack Wilson entering his second full season in the NFL, along with signings like TE CJ Uzomah, S Jordan Whitehead, and others making Wilson's life a little easier, and other personnel moves.

Football isn't played on paper but based on the schedule and the offseason moves made, there are some winnable games in it. Now many people would assume (ahem employees at ESPN and Fox Sports One) that the Jets will only win five games. That isn't the case as they have the potential to shock teams and score some upsets in 2022. Here is a prediction for every single game in the Jets' 2022 NFL season:

Week 1 9/11 vs Ravens: 24- 13 Ravens (Loss) 

Week 2 9/18 @Browns: 17-10 Jets (Win) 

Week 3 9/25 vs Bengals: 23-17 Jets (Win) 

Week 4 10/02 @ Steelers: 17-10 Jets (Win) 

Week 5 10/09 vs Dolphins: 24-10 Dolphins (Loss)

Week 6 10/16 @ Packers: 37-10 Packers (Loss)

Week 7 10/23 @ Broncos: 24-21 Jets (Win) 

Week 8 10/30 vs Patriots: 22-17 Jets (Win)

Week 9 11/06 vs Bills: 31-19 Bills (Loss) 

Week 10: BYE 

Week 11: @ Patriots 17-10 Jets (Win) 

Week 12: vs Bears 28-20 Jets (Win) 

Week 13: @ Vikings 23-20 Jets (Win) 

Week 14: @ Bills 34-27 Bills (Loss) 

Week 15: vs Lions 20-14 Jets (Win) 

Week 16 vs Jaguars 17-6 Jets (Win) 

Week 17 @Seahawks 21-14 Jets (Win) 

Week 18 @ Dolphins 31-24 Dolphins (Loss) 

Final record: 11-6.

Elevens wins for the Jets might sound too high, but there is a realistic chance it happens. They have the 17th hardest schedule in the league. Not too high but not too low. With the additions of these offseason moves and if everyone stays healthy, the Jets have somewhat of a shot of challenging the Bills for the division title.

Are they are going to win the division? Of course not but they can challenge for one of the wild card spots in the league.

Now a lot of people are going to read this article and say, "Oh this is unrealistic" and the Jets are going to win less than 11 games and you are crazy. It is not like that. Teams like the Lions, Jaguars, and Seahawks are rebuilding so those are three easy wins for the Jets. Teams like the Browns, Steelers, Vikings, and Bears are teams that you cannot trust in terms of their talent. Could see the Jets winning all of those games against them.

When it comes to teams like the Packers, Bills, and Patriots it is a whole different story. Can't see the Jets beating the Bills at all this season. With a returning Aaron Rodgers, the Jets have no chance against them, especially at Lambeau.

As for the Patriots, in my point of view, there is a possibility that they can sweep the season series.

Crazy things have happened in the NFL lately. Why not have the Jets finish 11-6?

Why not?

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