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Montclair Cruises by Defeated Moravian

The Montclair State Red Hawks (3-0-3) defeated the Moravain Greyhounds (0-5-1) 3-0, Wednesday evening at MSU Soccer Park.


A game that Montclair dominated the possession nearly two to one, fired 22 shots to Moravian’s five, started and ended with the ball in their hands. After forward Josiah Crawford controlled the middle of the field with his tight ball handling, he was able to find a multitude of passing lanes for his teammates to tee off on Moravian’s 6’5 goalie Andrew Remias.


Eventually after roughly 20 minutes of play, Crawford had a pass deflected back to him that ricocheted off his chin and on a silver platter for forward Janbi Kaghado to tap it in the net for the first goal. No more than 90 seconds later, Crawford caught the Greyhounds sleepwalking and regained possession again. This time, he shook one defender and fired it past Remias for Montclair’s second goal as they rode that momentum for the rest of the half and led 2-0 at the midway point. 


Both teams came out slightly stagnant to start the second half as Montclair was trying to cling to their two-goal lead. Moravian went 20 minutes without a shot on goal until a missed pass by the Red Hawks provided them a golden opportunity that ended up whiffing wide left. Following that possession, Montclair paced up the field, meandering around defenders with Crawford being the centerpiece. Eventually Crawford turns around and realizes he’s in a four on three situation with midfielder Geno Carlo Altamirano on the wing left alone, as he is passing to Altamirano, he winds up his leg up too early and doesn't get the proper touch with a wide-open net and the ball goes behind it.


Seventy-five minutes in, one team was looking to end it and the other was looking for the goal to start a comeback. Due to Montclair’s dominance of possession though, they were firing enough shots to the point where eventually one had to drop. The Red Hawks slowly crowded the box in Greyhounds territory and after a crossfield pass was deflected, it wound up right on the right shoe of Red Hawks forward Ian Chesney who tipped it in the net for the dagger as the Red Hawks won 3-0. 


The Red Hawks will get ready to travel to Poughkeepsie, NY to take on Vassar College (3-2) while the Moravian Greyhounds will head home to host Neumann University (2-3).


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