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Giants general manager Joe Schoan and head coach Brian Daboll (Photo by Jeff Auger - JSN)

Joe Schoen Pre-Draft press conference takeaways

With the NFL Draft a week away, General Managers around the league are making final preparations for their team draft selections and getting their draft boards set and ready to go for the 2024 Draft. On Thursday, Giants GM Joe Schoen held his pre-draft press conference in the Giants auditorium complete with new seats which was a nice surprise for the New York media. 

Let’s look at some of the key takeaways from the Press Conference

  • In terms of teams moving spots in the draft Schoen said he doesn’t think any teams are ready to move yet but that everyone is listening to each other right now although the expectation is that those conversations will start to really get going over the next few days. 
  • Draft board should be set by the weekend so they can prevent any “paralysis by analysis” from setting in. 
  • Teams can still have Zoom calls with players up until Wednesday. Schoen said he enjoys this part of the process which is getting to know everyone. 
  • Surprised at the amount of calls they have received from teams behind them wanting to move up. They will look at and evaluate all options. 
  • Agrees that Caleb Williams is probably going to go No.1 and that the draft starts at No. 2 when the Commanders are on the clock. 
  • Made it very clear there is a difference between the 25th pick and the 6th pick. It’s even more important to play it close to the vest when you have the 6th pick. 
  • Despite rumors that Darren Waller will make a decision by draft day Joe Schoen clarified that they are giving Waller his space and he does not have a deadline to make a decision, but they do hope it’s soon.
  • Has not seen any setback with Daniel Jones. He is running a straight line and throwing. Happy with the progression. 

If I had to pick an underlying theme and tone of the press conference it would be confidence. Schoen said they are confident in all the due diligence that’s been performed over the course of the last few months and that he is confident they will get a good player on Thursday regardless of position. He is also very confident with the current quarterback room.

With the addition of Drew Lock, Schoen was asked if he still felt like they needed or wanted to add a quarterback in this draft, to which he said, “I don't think so. I think with Drew's experience, he has started games and played, and Daniel's experience. And what Tommy did last year, another year in the system, Tommy's come a long way. No, I think we could go into the season with the three that we have and be comfortable with that.”  

One thing I am confident about is that the Giants don’t know for certain yet where they are going to go with the 6th pick in the draft. Knowing that several teams want to move up and knowing that those conversations happen on draft day I can understand when Brian Daboll says sometimes you just don’t know where you are going to go with a pick until you are in the war room. 

Another thing I am confident in is that Joe Schoen will continue to play it close to the vest and that Thursday night will be very interesting! 

Nikki Gist

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