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Scotch Plains' Heather Arabitg Named Training & Conditioning Magazine Most Valuable Athletic Trainer

Caldwell University Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer & SWA Heather Arabitg has been named Most Valuable Athletic Trainer by Training & Conditioning Magazine, the publication announced Wednesday. The Scotch Plains resident, who is in her 10th year as an athletic trainer at Caldwell and second as SWA, will be honored at the National Athletic Trainers Convention in Indianapolis, June 21-24.

In addition to working as the primary trainer for women's soccer, bowling, men's basketball and softball, Arabitg supervises Division II Caldwell's athletic trainers covering the care of the program's more than 370 student-athletes.

Arabitg serves on the Caldwell Return To Campus Task Force and CACC Championships Committee as well as working as one of the Advisors to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. In 2021, Arabitg was honored with the Mission in Action Award, which recognizes the extraordinary contributions and quality service of a University staff member and acknowledges their role in advancing the mission of Caldwell University.

Arabitg (courtesy: Caldwell Univ.)

"Training & Conditioning could not have made a better selection for this award than Heather Arabitg," said Caldwell University Assistant Vice President/Director of Athletics Mark A. Corino. "Her total committment to the student-athletes' well-being is a significant factor in their experience at Caldwell, and we are extremely proud that she has been honored by this prestigious publication in the industry."

Her two roles in the department bring her into contact with nearly every administrator, coach and student-athlete, many on a daily basis.

“Heather makes innumerable personal sacrifices as a mother would for her child,” Megan Bratkovich, assistant athletic director at Caldwell University said.

As front and center as she is around campus and the department, Arabitg never seeks the limelight.

“I’ve always been good at being behind the scenes,” she told Training & Conditioning for the feature article posting in advance of the award presentation. “So the transition to a leadership position was a little difficult for me. But I hope they watch me do the thing I love and continue to do that in their lives in their own way.”

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