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Giant Heartbreak At the Goal Line In Buffalo

Just when the New York Football Giants flash a glimmer of hope, they take it right away. A vicious and constant cycle that Giants fans know all too well and were put through it yet again Sunday night. It is almost as if the primetime lights are just too bright for the guys in blue as they just can't seem to get the job done on the national stage.

Heartbreak seems like the only word fitting for the performance the G-Men put out against the Bills. In a matchup the Giants were bound to lose seemed not so certain when the G-Men were up 6-0 at halftime. Several costly mistakes by Buffalo mixed with Graham Gano's automatic leg equated to a Bills nightmare and a Giants dream start.

The first of many lucky breaks in the first half occurred at the Giants' 45-yard line when Bobby Okereke forced a fumble on Gabe Davis, which was recovered by Micah McFadden.

On the force, the Giants moved the chains and cashed in on a Gano chip shot from 29-yards out. After back and forth punts between the two teams the Giants caught their second break of the night, after the Bills trusty kicker missed a 52-yarder to tie the game. The Giants took advantage of this opportunity and cashed in on another field goal, this time from 43-yards.

Then in the blink of an eye, the Giants had the ball again. A tipped pass by Okereke was caught by McFadden, which gave Big Blue another opportunity before the half.

The chains were moving for the G-Men as Tyrod Taylor unloaded to Darius Slayton for a huge gain up field.

Five plays later, the Giants were put into great scoring position after a defensive pass interference call was called against Buffalo. Everything seemed to be panning out just right for the Giant, however, this is the Giants, so too many good things can't happen all at once.  With 14 seconds left on the clock and no timeouts, the Giants were one yard away from going up 12-0, but the football gods had other plans.

The G-Men ran a run option play for no gain and the clock ran out before the Giants were able to reset. What should have been at least three points on the board was arguably the most costly mistake for the Giants this whole game. Coach Brian Daboll was visibly upset with Taylor going into the locker room as the Giants failed to convert.

Despite the poor execution before half, all the momentum seemed to be on the Giants sideline going into the third quarter. However, all those good vibes and first half dominance quickly faded. After a nine play opening drive the G-Men were forced to punt, coming up empty handed. Buffalo, then, took over nine minutes off the clock on their 17-play touchdown drive.

The only response the Giants had was another field goal, this time from 29-yards. Gano continued to put the Giants on his back and back in front 9-7. However, Gano's magic wasn't being matched on defense and the Giants gave up another touchdown. The Bills shaved another six minutes off the board and regained the lead.

The Giants had no response as they turned it over on downs just over two minutes later. Luckily for the G-Men, some of the first half juju started coming back as the Bills missed another field goal, this time from 53-yards. The Giants took over and worked their way down the field.

Once again, everything seemed to be leaning in favor for the Giants, but yet again the G-Men disappoint. The Giants made some nice plays including a crucial third down conversion and catch down field by Jalin Hyatt, as well as caught another lucky break.

On what seemed to be like the last play of the game the Giants were awarded another possession after the Bills defense was called for pass interference. With one play left on the one yard line the G-Men had the opportunity to take the game and come out with a huge victory, but instead heartbreak occurred.

What could have arguably been another defensive pass interference call on the Bills and another snap played, was instead no-called. In the blink of an eye all the hope fades. All the happiness in fans faces drop and the sobering reality of another defeat hits.

The Giants drop to 1-5 on the year, while the Bills move to 4-2. For individual stats and more in depth team stats click here.

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