New Jersey Devils
Photo Credit: David Siegrist

NJ Devils Prospect Challenge Roster Announced

With training camp beginning, the roster of the prospect challenge has been announced to the public. The team will head to Buffalo to start on Friday, Sept. 15 joined by the Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins and will participate in three different games.

New Jersey released a 24-man roster this morning which included 13 forwards, eight defensemen and three goaltenders. The roster is highlighted by the most anticipated prospects, Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec, but with a pipeline as strong as the Devils each player will be fun to watch.

The roster is as follows:
#51 Tyler Brennan
#85 Riley Mercer
#65 Isaac Poulter

#47 Colin Felix
#Santeri Hatakka
#43 Luke Hughes
#55 Will MacKinnon
#59 Daniil Misyul
#17 Simon Nemec
#58 Oscar Plandowski
#38 Topias Vilen

#52 Cole Brown
#92 Graeme Clark
#75 Filip Engaras
#89 Josh Filmon
#72 TJ Friedman
#48 Brian Halonen
#79 Michael Horth
#83 Timur Ibragimov
#78 Jace Isley
#76 Erik Middendorf
#67 Xavier Parent
#57 Cam Squires
#61 Chase Stillman

The Devils’ schedule for this upcoming weekend is a game at 12:00 P.M. on Friday Sept. 15 vs Ottawa, a game at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday, Sept. 16 vs Buffalo and a game at 10:00 A.M. on Sept. 18 vs Boston.
Clarke, Halonen and Nemec have been named the three alternate captains for the Challenge.

Tune in at each game to see how our prospects do this weekend.

Gabrielle Nordstrom