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Rowan women's lacrosse shows no mercy in 20-2 win over Ramapo

Ramapo College (1-8) hosted Rowan (5-6) in a women's lacrosse match on a beautiful 70 degree Saturday. Unfortunately for Rowan, the results on the field were not as bright and sunny - the Roadrunners lost, 20-2. Ramapo is a young, developing team with many freshman and sophomores that used only two subs on Saturday. The team is led by head coach Nicole Barbella. Coming into the game on Saturday, Rowan was also still trying to find there way as team, being two games under .500 with tons of experience, led by head coach Lindsay Delaney.

In the first half, it was all Rowan, as the Profs were getting easy goals from the start, and playing great defense. Rowan ran up the score 8-0 just 10:31 into the game and continued the outburst throughout. The Profs were locked in, ready to go, and caught Ramapo off guard.

Ramapo was flat, didn't have energy, which resulted in giving up open goals. In a fast paced game on Saturday, Rowan kept putting the pressure on, using rapid substitutions to bring fresh players in.

The second half was much of the same for Rowan, having success scoring, playing defense, passing the ball and staying focused. There were a few penalties for both teams where the players had to sit for two minutes before coming back into the game. Mid-way in the fourth quarter, Ramapo started to find open shots and got on the scoreboard with two goals towards the end of the game.

The stars of the game for Rowan were senior Ashley Lechiter (three goals/four assists), sophomore Hannah Lombardo (two goals/one assist), freshman Molly Green (four goals/one assist) and junior Elise Cohan (four goals).

Positives for Ramapo in the tough loss today was freshman Kelly Griffin scoring both goals for them. For the Roadrunners, it's all about continuing to grow as a team and finishing the season strong.

Rowan, with this win, is now one game under .500, and gaining some momentum. This could potentially turn their season around and help them compete for a playoff spot.

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