Rowan, Sam Rinaldi

Rowan beats TCNJ by 31, improves to 11-5

Rowan faced off against TCNJ on Wednesday night for a NJAC rematch that saw the Profs prevail 89-58 over the Lions. Rowan’s Dakota Adams led the team with her fourth double-double of the year tallying a season high 18 points and 10 rebounds.

The first half saw a back and forth effort from both teams. The first quarter saw dominant play by the Profs who shot 4-5 three-point shots and 66.7% field goal percentage. The second quarter saw offensive play by both teams. TCNJ’s 100% free-throw percentage kept them behind by only 10 points. Adams led the half with 12 points and eight rebounds to keep the Profs ahead going into halftime. 

The second half entailed a dominant offensive performance by the Profs. The Profs went on a 24 point unanswered scoring drive that allowed them to go into the fourth quarter with a 31 point lead. The fourth quarter saw 17 points scored by TCNJ with Jezlyn Cross leading the way with six points, but it wasn’t enough for them to close the 31 point deficit.

Rowan ended the game winning 89-58 making their overall record 11-5 and improving to 9-1 in conference play.

Rowan faces Kean away at 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 22. You can watch the Profs on