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Riveters head to Tampa for Isobel Cup Championship

The Metropolitan Riveters are heading to Tampa, Florida this weekend to compete in the 2022 Isobel Cup Playoffs. All six PHF teams will compete for the top prize in professional women’s hockey from March 25-28.

In an article by the PHF, former commissioner Tyler Tumminia said, “The PHF has been making waves throughout this historic new era with athletes who are truly building a lasting impact on the game… We’re proud to reflect the bright and bold spirit of the PHF in a championship design that is also uniquely Tampa Bay. The 2022 Isobel Cup Playoffs are going to be a memorable celebration to cap a very special season.”

The Riveters start their playoff run against the Minnesota Whitecaps on Friday, March 25, 2022. This is a highly anticipated game with the Riveters being a number four seed and the Whitecaps being number 5. A 4 v. 5 seeded game is practically anyone's match but the Riveters are ready to do what they need to win. 

This season the series between these two teams were evenly matched with the Riveters winning two and the Whitecaps winning the other two. All the games have been wild with an overall average of 7.75 goals in the matchups between these two teams. Although this weekend might be a bit calmer, a match between these two teams is always a good one to watch.

Metropolitan Riveters forward Kendall Cornine and Minnesota Whitecaps forward Meghan Lorence in Lake Placid, NY on Jan 26, 2021. | Photo Courtesy of Michelle Jay

Going into this march the Riveters defense will need to be solid to hold off the likes of Allie Thunstorm and Audra Morrison who both scored goals in all matches against the Riveters this season. However, the Riveters have their own powerful players on their side with Captain Madison Packer and Kelly Babstock who scored 5 goals on the season, three of them against the Whitecaps. Metropolitan is a solid team that knows how to score goals and win games. They have a good group mentality so as long as that stays on the forefront it should be an even match. 

Obviously, all eyes are on the Isobel Cup Final and to get there the Riveters are going to need to put all their energy forward. They are going to need to be on their best game, locking down defensively and pushing but not getting too comfortable. A common theme this season for the Riveters has been getting up a few goals and then sitting back. In those moments where they sit back, the other team is able to come back and even the score. Minnesota is a solid team so the Riveters need to stay on the entire match to ensure that they stay in it. The Metropolitan Riveters ended their regular season with a 4-3 win over the Whitecaps so they need to keep that energy going into Tampa. 

How To Watch The Riveters

The puck drops for the match at 7:00 p.m. est on March 25. You can watch on ESPN+ and support the Riveters in their run to the Isobel Cup Final.

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