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(Photo by Kaitlin Marold - JSN)

Red Bulls return to Columbus to continue the streak

The New York Red Bulls are on a roll. Since the four-goal clean sheet destruction at Inter Miami, adding on the Hudson River Derby series victory over NYCFC, and so much more, the New York Red Bulls have won five times with two draws scoring 10 goals and allowing only two.

Everything has clicked for this side at the right time, continued good communication between the players, strong and solid defense from the club, including a red hot goalkeeper in Carlos Coronel after opening season struggles. he is currently in second place in MLS with 11 clean sheets. timely goals going in the net.

You can feel from this young squad the confidence that has been brewing since the start of this unbeaten streak that it's trying to reach eight games. Preferably with the full three points, but the positives are there for this big run and the hope is that it will continue into next season.

All of this under the watch of Gerhard Struber who is mirroring the same exact thing he has done when he was managing English club Barnsley, fighting out of a relegation battle and remaining in the Championship in the 2019-20 season. The giant hole that this young side dug themselves into, is near the edge and ready to spring out, which could have them leapfrogging over two teams and into a playoff position.

"Yes, I have the same thoughts in my brain, back in Barnsley. The synchronized moments from the pressing and the possession, I think it feels the same and a similar timeline and the boys are doing well," said Struber. "I think this is always a process and we have to find in this process the right progress and the right timeline in this situation.

"We have to give all our power and continue our confidence and our prowess to push forward and continue this way and put all of this into our hands, as this is the current situation for us and we look forward with our skill, whether it is at our stadium or away from it, but of course, we have very good confidence, stable in our defense and we haven't conceded any goals which is a very good feeling. We need to show one more time our confidence and concentration as we are ready to win and have a good performance."

As of right now, the Columbus Crew are in 10th place in the east and two points behind the Red Bulls. They scored first in their one-goal draw on the road at Nissan Stadium against Nashville SC as Hanny  Mukhtar converted the equalizer. We all remember the last time the Red Bulls visited the capital city of Ohio as they scored a goal, but lost it late within the final 15 minutes of the match two goals to one.

But it was that match the players looked at themselves in the mirror and knew that they could be better than what they showed throughout the entire summer. Always earning a lead and coughing it up at the end to either a draw or a loss. Even though the fans are looking for some form of revenge, the players are looking to earn another win and continue this unbeaten streak.

"I wouldn't say that this is a revenge game, I think of this as getting three more points. We want to continue the streak and create some separation from these other teams," said Andrew Gutman. "IT could be Columbus, it could be Miami or even New York City, it doesn't matter which one it is, we know we are going down the stretch in these final weeks of the season.

"It's about the three points right now and we are in a great position as we need to make the playoffs, and we don't care who is in front of us right now. We need to play strong to get the job done to reach the postseason."

Red Bulls Remaining Journey Toward Playoffs

These remaining five games will be very important as they will be on the road at Columbus, At DC United, then home to Montreal and Atlanta, before the regular season finally as decision day will be at Nashville in November. This is going to be a long stretch, but it feels like this young side can handle what's being thrown at them.