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NJ Native Marina Alex Returns Home To Compete In The 2022 LPGA Cognizant Founders Cup

Heading into this year's women's golf tournament cognizant founder's cup LPGA up in Montclair Country Club, the big story was Marina Alex. The Jersey native was coming back home after winning the LPGA tour Palos Verdes Championship by 1 stroke. With this big win, Alex was still practicing from the Cognizant Founders Cup LPGA, limiting all distractions and focusing.

31-year-old Marina Alex from Wayne New Jersey has competed at the highest level throughout her golf career, has 2 wins within the LPGA tour. She was always ready for the bright lights and spotlight. The fans in New Jersey love her through the wins, losses, ups and downs. Whenever Marina Alex decides to call it a career, she will go down as one of the top female golfers in New Jersey.  Marina has worked hard at her craft every day, never gave up, got to her goal and proved the critics wrong on the golf course.

Heading into the 2022 LPGA Women's Golf Tournament Cognizant Founders Cup, Marina Alex was excited to come back home and compete in front of her friends/family. She said in a zoom press conference, which Jersey Sporting News was able to take part of before the tournament, stated that it feels good to come back home, her friends and family were ready to watch. She played at the upper Montclair Country Club Golf course before but said it's all about feel and getting comfortable with rhythm.

Marina Alex Interview

Jersey Sporting had the opportunity to interview Alex thanks to Megan McGuire, the LPGA Media leader. She does a fantastic job setting up all the interviews. Jersey Sporting News asked Marina Alex about her back injury, overcoming it, being back home, family, her routine to get ready for a big event and growth of the LPGA.


Marina Alex has struggled throughout this LPGA Women's Golf Tournament Cognizant Founders Cup but still a fantastic, inspiring and amazing story from Wayne New Jersey. She is now thinking about retiring from golf at the age of 31. We will keep an eye on what she does next with her career for sure.


Here is a link to the interview with Marina Alex heading into the tournament.

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