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Maycee Bell, NJ/NY Gotham FC's Draftee, Speaks to the Media

NJ/NY Gotham FC 2024 draft pick Maycee Bell was introduced to the media, yesterday. Bell was able to speak about her new experience and what helped her to get to where she is now.

Bell is the sole draft pick that Gotham had in this draft, coming in as the 14th overall pick. When asked about how it felt to be Gotham's choice for their only pick, she said, "It means the world. After I got picked I didn't know they had one and then to hear that was just amazing that they used their one pick on me."

Gotham, the reigning NWSL champions, is a team filled with US Women National Team stars. When asked about new goals Bell wants to reach, she replied, "My ultimate is to make the national team and I think what they have going on at Gotham right now is gonna help me get there."

With newcomers Crystal Dunn, Rose LaVelle, Emily Sonnet, and Tierna Davidson alongside already experienced national team players on Gotham's roster, Bell will have plenty of mentors to help her achieve her new goal.

Bell was also one of six draftees from the University of North Carolina this year, showing how well the program is building NWSL players. Having played all four years of her collegiate career at UNC, Bell was asked about how her time there went under coach Anson Dorrance.

"Anson really focuses on the competitiveness and the competitive fire," she told reporters. "I mean we have the competitive I think that just is going to help me in this environment."

As for trying to make an impact on the team, Bell said, "I think just helping in any way possible. Any role they need me in, I'm going to do the best of my ability...Just fill any role I am asked to fill."

To see how Bell and the rest of Gotham FC may fare in the NWSL this season tune into The Women's Cup Colombia this preseason starting on February 27th.

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