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Photo by Josiah Day on Unsplash

It's Time to Clean House In The Big Apple: New York Giants

For nearly a decade, if not a little over a decade now, the New York Giants are in serious trouble as the 2021 NFL season is hitting the middle bunch. There are teams in the league that are legit playoffs contenders such as the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, and more.

Since 2016, neither one of those playoff contending teams has been the Giants and the way the season is kicking off, it is going to stay that way for at least another season.

The Giants are sitting here 1-5 heading into week 7 of the season and coming off of a devastating loss to the LA Rams, 38-11. Daniel Jones was sacked four times and had a quarterback rating of 6.4 and after completing only 56.4% of his passes. Along with that, Jones has totaled four touchdowns, four interceptions, 1,512 passing yards and a 47.9 QBR for the season. He's been sacked twelve times this year.

Running back Saquan Barkley has barely been present this year and is currently nursing a calf injury, while wide receiver Kenny Golladay is nursing a knee injury.

The offensive line and the play calling is another thing contributing to yet another awful season in New York.

Since 2011, which was their last Super Bowl win and appearance, the Giants have only been to the playoffs once. They have not won the NFC East since the Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin era. Since 2011, the win and loss record as a franchise has been 57-87.

According to those in the front office and many Giants fans, getting rid of both Manning and Coughlin was supposed to solve all these issues. However since both departures it has only gotten worse. This should tell you something and that something is the problems within the organization and why things are the way they are.

It's time to dig deeper than the team itself and start looking at the ownership and the front office. General Manager Dave Gettleman and owner John Mara are in full blame for a decade of disgraceful performance put up by this franchise.

Fans began to boo Gettleman and Mara after the team suffer their third loss of the season to the Atlanta Falcons.

The Giants are in need of cleaning house and beginning with new eras in the franchise starting with general manager, along with cleaning house on the offensive line and their secondary. They have failed to make any splash plays this season and along with averaging 20 points or less and giving up 25+ points per game.

More work needs to be done on the defensive line as well, but not as bad as anywhere else.