Brick Brothers Aided by GoFundMe Page and Generous Community By Eric Braun

 Brick Brothers Aided by GoFundMe Page and Generous Community

By Eric Braun

The Brick Township football community and community at large have launched a GoFundMe page for two brothers who graduated last year. Here is their story:

Hi everyone. These are two brothers – Patrick and Tyler – recent high school graduates that have fallen on a very difficult situation. Please read their story and consider helping them out, if you wish to do so. They are good, hard working boys in a very difficult time, We are working with them, local county officials, and a food pantry. We are trying to get them into an apartment, where they can be better supported. Remember, anything is enough to help, it all adds up. Thank you.

Patrick and Tyler Giesler have had a lot of adversity in their lives, more than any boys should have to deal with. Pat and Tyler lost their father at a very young age. Soon after the death of their father, the boys had to deal with being abandoned by their biological mother. They were fortunate enough to have their loving grandmother, Theresa Burke, who the boys refer to as “Mom,” and their great grandmother, Filomena Santapolo Irons, to raise them. They lived together in a long-time family home near the Mantoloking Bridge in Brick Township (the family home was built in the 1800's).

On October 29, 2012 tragedy once again struck the boys and their family. Superstorm Sandy, which made landfall in New Jersey and became the most destructive hurricane in history, destroyed the family home, and all of their belongings, including vital paperwork (they just obtained their birth certificates this past fall).  With no means to rebuild, the family was now homeless. Having to sell the house for much less than it was worth, they were fortunate enough to move into a rental home in the Lake Riviera section of Brick. The social security of their great grandmother and “Mom” is what helped the family survive. For a little while things were okay, until their great grandmother passed away. Soon after her passing, the family was evicted from their rental property and they were homeless once again. 

Over the past few years they have bounced around from rental homes and hotel rooms.  At times the boys and “Mom” have lived out of their mini-van. Throughout this time with the help of the Brick Township High School community, Pat and Tyler have remained focused on their goals. They each played three varsity sports throughout high school, while holding down full-time jobs to help “Mom” with the bills. Pat and Tyler would come in from practice, shower, get dressed, and go to work each night after practices and on the weekends. The most amazing thing about Pat and Tyler is they each have NEVER missed a lifting, training or high school sport practice for any of the teams they were on during their four years in high school! They were always the hardest working boys on their teams. Patrick finished his high school career with six varsity letters and Tyler finished with four. 

After graduating in 2018, the boys and “Mom” began living in Wenke’s Motel in Point Pleasant. They have been working full-time at Wendy’s in Brick, while attending Ocean County Community College. Soon after graduation, “Mom” was diagnosed with cancer and had been in and out of hospitals until she recently passed away. 

The boys are currently on their own at the ages of 18 and 19 and are months behind on their rent at the motel.  They ride their bikes to work or Uber if the weather is bad. They are currently trying to balance their college classes around their work schedule, and deal with the recent loss of “Mom.”  We are asking you to help these boys get their adult lives started off on the right foot.  Remember, any amount whatsoever is a help. 100% of all money collected is going to pay the back rent owed, new security deposit, food, future rent payments, obtaining driver licenses, securing a vehicle, and helping them create a stable and productive life. Thanks Again, we appreciate any and all help.  Please look for updates, as we will be sharing all the progress that is made with all your help and support.  Thank You.

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