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Another Giant Primetime Disaster In The Meadowlands

It’s hard to say “that this is the worst football the Giants have ever played” when the New York Football Giants have already lost to the Cowboys 40-0 this season, but Monday night’s loss to the Seahawks almost topped it. Just when things couldn’t get worse, they did. From the play calling to the execution to the energy, all of it was left outside of MetLife Stadium for the Giants in their 24-3 loss.

In the primetime light, Daniel Jones and his offensive unit continued to disappoint in 2023. The $40 million man was 27/34 for 203 yards with two interceptions and two fumbles (one lost). Some of the performance issues that Jones is displaying so far this year are his fault. Jones is forcing the ball to options that aren’t open and is trying to do way too much on the field.

An evident example of this Monday night was Jones’ pick-six at the Seahawks goal line. What should have been at least a definite three points on the board was instead a dagger in Giants fans hearts. 

Despite some of the poor mistakes and errors by Jones, it all falls back on the offensive line. Jones has no time on the field and is constantly forced to scramble out of the pocket. From blind side hits to open field tackles, Jones is getting absolutely no help from the big men up front.

Speaking of the worst offensive line in the NFL, the Giants big men continued to hold that title on Monday night as they allowed 10 sacks on their QB. An unimaginable and unspeakable amount of contact against the man you are paid to protect. 

Second year tackle Evan Neal said that the offensive line “is not playing their best ball” and that “we just have to play better”.

When the offensive line can’t do their job, it is hard for anyone else to do theirs, as Jones, the wide receivers and running backs all recorded less than 320 yards (total for in the air and on ground). 

On top of the performance issues, Giants center John Michael-Schmitz was ruled out early in the first quarter with a shoulder injury. A key piece to a struggling line out from practically the start of the game.

Switching to the opposite side of the ball, the Giants defense was just as discouraging. Between the missed tackles to the penalties to the clear lack of effort, it was a disaster concoction. 

It is almost ironic that the Giants keep missing as many tackles as they are since they spent “extra time” in practice working on it this week. 

As for Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale’s comments about “charting” all the missed tackles, there were so many it was hard to keep count. 

One of the most concerning issues with the defense right now besides the tackling is the effort and execution. On the play below, Deonte Banks simply stops playing while the play is still happening and gets caught sleeping for an easy Seahawks touchdown. 

Plays like that simply can not happen for the Giants defense, especially if they are already giving up extra yards for not wrapping when they tackle. 

In the postgame press conference, coach Brian Daboll was clearly aggravated and frustrated with the Giants loss as he gave a snappy comeback to a question about the Giants scores in 2023.

On top of that, Daboll gave sympathy to the fans, saying that “he would be upset too.” 

An overall disheartening team performance from an organization that is supposed to be “smart, tough, and dependable.” In the blink of an eye, the New York Football Giants are 1-3 on the year with a tough schedule ahead. If the same issues continue to keep arising in every matchup this team faces, fans better believe that it is going to be one very long season. 

New York Giants Next Game

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