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Week 9 Preview: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

After a disappointing week against the New England Patriots, the Jets are looking to bounce back against the Buffalo Bills.

Let's face it: The Jets' offense didn't show up last week against the Patriots when it should've. The Bills are one of the favorites to win this year's Super Bowl and they have the Jets in their sights. With that in mind, here is a preview of this Sunday's showdown between the Bills and Jets.

What to Expect: 

  • Tight Race in the East: You would think that the Bills would be running away with the division. That is not the case as the Jets are only two games back in the loss column. If the Jets somehow beat the Bills this Sunday would only place the Jets one game back in the loss column in the division. We are living in crazy times.
  • The Elijah Moore Saga is over..... For Now: WR Elijah Moore has been very vocal about his lack of playing time. Apparently, he sat down with GM Joe Douglas, and both smoothed things over. With the NFL trade deadline coming and going, many expected to see Moore traded but it never happened. It remains to be seen how Moore will do in the offense.
  • James Robinson: It will be James Robinson's second game with the New York Jets, and he has a tough task ahead of him. He will be facing a Bills defense that only allows 95 rushing yards per game (fourth in the league).

Just The Facts:

  • In the last five meetings between the two, the Bills won four of those meetings.
  • The last time the Jets beat the Bills? December 29th, 2019 in Buffalo.
  • CB Sauce Gardner only allowed 52% of completed passes heading his way.

Five Big Questions to Ask: 

  • Will QB Zach Wilson prove all of the doubters wrong by having a huge game?
  • Will the Bills' defense stifle QB Zach Wilson?
  • How will the Jets' run game do against this stout Bills defense?
  • How will CB Sauce Gardner do against WR Trevon Diggs?
  • Will the Jets beat the Bills for the first time since 2019?

Who is on the Injury Report

OUT: WR Corey Davis (Knee) 

Prediction: After last week's game against the Patriots, I really don't have any faith in the Jets in this game. The Bills are running rampant against all teams and the Jets are no different. This could be an ugly loss, or it could be one of the best wins the Jets have this season. I am expecting a Jets loss.

Final Score: Bills 41 Jets 24